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New Air-Conditioning Unit in a 45 year old home, Steinbach, MB

New air conditioning unit 45 year old home steinbach mb

Installation of the quiet space saving, efficient, low profile unit with inverter technology. Air-Conditioning unit to cool the complete 1200 square foot, 45 year old bungalow. Client said. "Now when sitting on the deck they did not hear their own AC start up or run. This unit is whisper quite. And now when the neighbors unit starts up 250 feet away even with this unit running next to the deck, neighbors unit could be heard over and above the visiting that was being done."

Renovations were being done in the home, system had been turned off during the sanding of the drywall. 6 hours later the System was turned on again, within an outside temperature of 31ÂșC and humid. Within 30 minutes of running, the humidity had come down 10%. Amazing system to help maintain the correct Humidity, and not just the Coolness. It defiantly helps with the cost saving as utility costs continue to go up. Client was saying if he knew about the efficiency of this system years ago, they would have installed this unit earlier. The Daikin Fit is backed by a 12 Year Warranty.

Products Used: Daikin Fit

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